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I get many questions in, and out, of game about lairs.  Here is the break down:

  • Re-spawn Timer: 12 hours.
  • Instanced: Not yet.  The new expansion podcasts revealed that they will be instanced for the new zone, and require obtaining glyphs in your tome to open.
  • Locations: In every tier, some in RVR lakes, some not. They are “hidden” heroes that players find on the journey to 40, or if they read this.
  • Drops: Blue gear levels 36-39. ( 40 hero mobs. )
  • Itemized: Very much so.
  • Accessible to both realms: Yes.

You can have 6 people, 2 people, 5 warbands, 4 warbads of order and 3 of destro, doesn’t matter… its just like any other mob out there, just with a 12 hour timer… and they are all hostile to both factions.


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